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A Master Herbalist and 1750's Living History Interpreter

I love keeping honey bees, herbal medicine, woodworking, beading, leather work, canning, gardening, making homemade ointments etc., sewing, knitting, crocheting, gluten free cooking and baking, and teaching others who want to learn. I like doing things the old fashion way.

I am also a costumer for film and TV, and home-schooled my children through their senior year.

I am of Cherokee and Irish decent with a strong will and determination.

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Beaded Butterfly

Please be patient as I build this new website. I have MANY things to add which will take some time. Thank you!

I have been blessed with many skills over the years. I have a desire to share my knowledge with others, but didn’t do well with Language Arts, in fact I almost failed. In an effort to allow easy reading throughout my website, I am happy to receive respectful suggestions and correction ideas about the grammar.